The adzuki bean (Vigna Angularis) also referred to as azuki of aduki beans are small reddish-brown beans with a white ridge along one edge.

This kind of beans often grows in the Far East and Himalayas. At present, it is considered to be the second most popular bean in Japan, next to soybeans. Adzuki beans have a sweet and delicate texture. It is often bought in dried form, although it can also be purchased as a flour or paste.

They have a strong, nutty, and sweet flavor. But most of all, adzuki beans contain nutrients and minerals and immense health benefits.



Adzuki beans are a good source of iron, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, manganese, and zinc copper. Just like other low-sodium- high-potassium food, the beans can help reduce blood pressure and serve as a natural diuretic. They also promote bowel motions and help combat breast cancer.

Including adzuki beans in the diet helps improve health and save the body from various diseases.


Benefits of Adzuki Beans


Effective in Weight Loss

Adzuki beans can significantly reduce fat, thus making them well-suited for those who want to lose some weight. The reason behind this is that they are low in fat which greatly assists in limiting the intake of calories. They are also rich in folate, potassium, and magnesium- all of which are essential for a healthy heart.


Digestive Health

The high fiber content in adzuki beans keeps the digestive system running smoothly, preventing constipation and also helping to prevent colon cancer.


Liver Detox

Even just a quarter cup of adzuki beans contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of molybdenum, a trace mineral that is responsible for creating an enzyme sulfite oxidase, which is crucial in effective liver detoxification.


Adzuki Bean- Before and After Cooking

Adzuki Bean- Before and After Cooking


Heart Health

Adzuki beans are a great source of soluble fiber that helps keeps cholesterol level in a healthy range. Having lower cholesterol is associated with lower risks of heart disease.

At the same time, adzuki beans contain potassium, folate, and magnesium- all of them are essential to maintain a healthy heart.


Strengthens Metabolism

As mentioned, the beans are high in essential nutrients and all these add to greater metabolism. In return, it provides a better overall health. It also helps the body quickly metabolize the consumed food.


Prevents Diabetes

Prevention and treatment of diabetes has much to do with carefully managing your bodies glucose levels. When a person has diabetes, the body is not capable of keeping glucose levels in balance.

But with the help of adzuki beans and its fiber and nutrients, glucose is able to be kept at normal levels.


Prevents Breast Cancer

Adzuki beans have components that are helpful in killing cancerous tissues. Consuming a cup of the beans on a regular basis can help lower the risk of having breast cancer among women. In addition, the beans can be consumed in order to lower the risk of having various types of cancers.


Adzuki Bean Dessert

Adzuki Bean Dessert


Treatment of Bladder Infections and Urinary Dysfunction

The rick soluble fiber content in adzuki beans can help treat bladder infections, as well as urinary dysfunction in both men and women. This soluble fiber provides a soothing effect, making it ideal for healing an infected urinary tract and bladder.





If you are looking for something that is both healthy and easy to digest, adzuki beans are best for those with sensitive stomachs. Eating these beans that are easy and light to digest can definitely be a life-saver. Given the benefits of adzuki beans, you’ll get nothing but the best for your body and health.


Aside from the many health benefits brought by adzuki beans, another interesting thing about them is that they possess a distinct flavor that makes them a great enhancer to Asian and other dishes.

Eating dishes with these beans will provide the body with great benefits- improve health and help the body prevent diseases. Just like other types of legumes, adzuki beans are a nutritional powerhouse, now you know how good they are for you – pick some up next time you are at the supermarket