Cupuacu (koo-poo-ah-soo), which means “food for the Gods”, is a delectable fruit with a size of a melon and has a rich and creamy whitened pulp.

It develops within the Amazon Rainforest in the northern regions of Brazil. It is very popular in the Amazon as “the pharmacy in a fruit”, given that it is one of the most nutritionally advantageous super fruits. Cupuacu looks like a cross between a papaya and coconut. It has an aromatic and buttery pulp with approximately 35 hazelnut-sized seeds.

The seeds are used in making cupuacu butter- one of the world’s newest skin-softeners. In addition, the fruit is stuffed with minerals, essential vitamins, and other nutrients that give the body great health benefits.


The health advantages that you will get from cupuacu fruit are simply fascinating. The tree generally develops about 5-15 meters high and the fruit has an oblong shape.

But what sets the fruit apart from others is its nutritional and medicinal properties that have continuously helping people in the past and present- making it a great addition to your daily diet.


Cupuacu Medicinal Uses


  • Cupuacu fruit is often utilized by people to reduce their abdominal pains; helping them in difficult births.
  • Cupuacu is used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetic issues, and cataract difficulties.
  • The fruit is also helpful in skin restoration, weight reduction, conditioning the cardiovascular system, improving the immune system, healthier hair, raising stamina and energy, safeguarding the artery partitions and many more.


Cupuacu Fruit in Half

Cupuacu Fruit in Half


Health Benefits of Cupuacu Fruit


  • Cupuacu is very rich in antioxidants and it is even regarded as a full breakfast among people in South America.
  • The fruit has the comparable flavor of cocoa, that’s why it is utilized in making jams, jellies, and breads.
  • It contains no caffeine and thus, it is capable of keeping the body hydrated and moisturized.
  • The fruit is an abundant source of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, and B3. In addition, it is great for the bones, ligaments, and tendons as a result of its high amino acids content, as well as calcium and selenium.
  • The people in South America, specifically the Brazilian ladies used the fruit to assist them in labor pains and stomach problems.
  • The fruit has therapeutic advantages that help keep the body’s defense mechanisms healthy and strong.
  • Phytonutrient polyphenols are present in Cupuacu, but not in many other fruits.  This compound is extremely helpful in the treatment of respiratory illnesses.
  • Cupuacu acts as an all-natural medicine for erection dysfunction.
  • The fruit helps combat free radicals- the reason behind cancers and other life-threatening problems.
  • It helps maintain the body’s cholesterol at normal levels and prevents the occurrence of cardio-related problems.
  • If you have kids who are selective when it comes to food, the fruit could be the best solution as it can be given by means of powder, yogurt, ice cream, or juice. At the same time, the fruit can help them improve the power of their memory. For the ladies, cupuacu can increase the health of their skin and can treat acne breakouts.
  • Aside from fortifying the coronary heart, it ca also safeguard the artery walls from damage, which may lead to heart diseases.
  • When cupuacu is combined with acai fruit, it gives serious energy in motion.
  • The seeds of cupuacu can relieve pain in the different parts of the body. Those who opt for natural remedies to ease pain should slowly chew the seeds of the fruit.


Cupuacu Tree

Cupuacu Tree




The Cupuacu fruit is available from January- April during the rainy season. It is then gathered, split open, and its pulp is made into smoothies, jam, tarts, ice cream, and juice among others.

Traditionally, the fruit was cultivated and utilized by indigenous people for centuries. It has a thick and hard exocarp, but when it is opened, one will benefit from its array of health advantages, like the ones mentioned above.


Cupuacu is not only a great addition to the kitchen or an exceptional all-natural food or drink, but most of all, it is a solution to many common health problems.

The fruit can help one achieve a longer life span, while promoting youthful energy for better living.