How can you be sure you will receive the $3 to your paypal account?

This is a new rewards program initiate for Vitamin Class, as the testimonials roll in I will post some of these up on the website for confirmation of  readers receiving the $3 paypal transfers.
I truly believe in delivering real value to Vitamin Class readers, I always search for ways to conduct win-win business and provide transparency for all involved. Rest assured I will deliver and you will receive your paypal credit.



Why would you want to give me an extra $3 discount?

iherb runs a rewards program which gives 4% of the total spend off a first time order to the refer e.g. if you order $65 worth of product from herb – I get a 4% reward or $2.60 credit in my iherb account. For the following 365 days if you place anymore orders, iherb will credit me with 4% of the value of those orders aswell.

Some Vitamin Class readers will place just one order, which will mean I will be out of pocket after sending the $3. Although I’m picking most readers will love iherb as much as me and continue to place multiple orders over the year! Allowing me to earn back the $3 back and a bit more.



Why shop with iherb?

Iherb offers the best prices on vitamins and health supplements on the internet along with FREE shipping within the US.
For international orders – they have the cheapest shipping on the planet – $4 for orders weighing less than 4 pounds! Or DHL courier $8 for less than 8 pounds!
Don’t believe me? Compare their prices against some of their competitors evitamins, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost, Vitaminworld



Is Vitamin Class affiliated with iherb?

No – we are simply part of the iherb rewards program



Do you personally shop with iherb?

Absolutely! My family and I go though a huge amount of supplements I am definitely an iherb convert. Check out my order history below – 71 orders to date!

iherb order summary



I don’t have a Paypal account, can I still get the $3?

Currently Paypal is the only way I send money, it’s the quickest and easiest way to send and receive money on the net. If you don’t have an account visit to set one up – it’s free and will take a couple of minutes



Have another question that isn’t covered here?

No problem – send me an email with any question



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