Papaya (Carica papaya), pawpaw or papaw is known to be the “fruit of angels”. It is a remarkably delicious fruit that can be found in the different parts of the world and is generally inexpensive.

It has an elongated shape, sweet flesh, musky undertone, and soft texture. Its inner cavity has a wealth of black round seeds that are encased in a gelatinous- like substance.

But what truly make papaya exceptional are its amazing health benefits. It is greatly beneficial to the human body due to its numerous nutrients. Yellow papayas are the ones often consumed while the green ones are used to make curries.

But aside from eating papaya as it is, one popular way of enjoying its benefits is drinking its juice. Papaya juice is a popular healthy drink for people who are on a diet and want to improve their health.


Benefits of Drinking Papaya Juice


Anti-Cancer Properties

Antioxidant levels are very high in papaya juice, which help protect the body from different types of cancer.

These antioxidants control the free radicals that damage the DNA, cells, beta-carotene, lycopene, and beta-cryptoxanthin- all are known to safeguard the body against cancer. Papaya juice also possesses high amounts of isothiocyanates that have anti-cancer properties.

These are helpful in getting rid of carcinogens while enhancing the functions of tumor-suppressing proteins.


Protects the Heart

Fresh papaya juice is rich in minerals like potassium, which helps control body fluids and blood pressure by regulating the blood flow.

The effects of toxic sodium are also controlled with the help of potassium, thus protecting the body against heart complications.

This is also the reason why heart patients are often recommended to eat papaya or drink papaya juice. A glass of it can provide high amounts of folate, which helps control homocysteine in the blood as excessive levels of it can harm the blood vessels.


Aids in Digestion

Aside from being rich in antioxidants, papaya is a great source of enzymes. These are essential proteins in the body’s chemical changes like blood clotting and breaking down of food.

By drinking papaya juice, the body gets enough enzymes that help prevent digestive problems such as acid reflux, indigestion, and heart burn.

The juice also works as a natural laxative that prevents constipation and helps eliminate waste products with its fiber content.


Papaya Fruit in Half

Papaya Fruit in Half


Protects Vision

The other antioxidants present in papaya juice are zeaxanthin and lutein. These are the phytonutrients that the body concentrates in the macula of the eyes.

They protect the eyes against the damaging high-intensity blue light and UV. These two are also beneficial in reducing the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration that could lead to blindness.


Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Papain and chymopapain are protein-digesting enzymes that help lower inflammation and improve healing.

This explains why people who suffer from diseases that get worse because of inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and asthma can ease their condition by getting enough of these nutrients from papaya fruit.


Aids in Weight Loss

Calorie content in papaya juice is lower compared to other food, yet it provides numerous beneficial nutrients necessary to maintain overall health.

The juice is rich in vitamins C, A, and E and only contains 39 calories in every 100g. These nutrients and the antioxidants in papaya help burn calories and excess fat.


Papaya Tree

Papaya Tree


Glowing and Youthful-looking Skin

The vitamin C in papaya juice boosts the production of collagen that helps maintain skin firmness, collagen is a significant connective protein that keeps the skin looking and feeling firm.

When an insufficient amount is produced, thin lines and wrinkles begin to occur. By drinking the juice, the skin will be protected from damages caused by free-radicals and maintain it healthy and youthful.




It is a fact that eating fruits is a healthy habit, but papaya is exceptional because of the many health and medicinal benefits it provides the body for overall wellness.

Whether it’s for health or beauty, this highly nutritious fruit is one of the best sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

Regular consumption of papaya will give the body the boosts it needs to function at its best. Adding a glass of fresh papaya juice in the diet will not only be a refreshing drink to quench your thirst, but it will protect the body against diseases while keeping you beautiful and healthy inside out.