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Today, it is harder than ever looking toward a diet or specific lifestyle when looking to gain better health, a thinner waist line, or the ability to just feel good about your looks and body.

Many diets can be considered as ‘fads’ – even the Paleo Diet, which I am about to talk about, has been called a fad diet. Although still one of the fastest growing in popularity.


When I refer to The Paleo Diet, I refer to the ‘old’ style of eating. Using only what our ancestors ate. I like this style as you have to become so much more inventive with your cooking and baking.

I never talk about its health claims, as I have had no personal experience, these decisions must be left up to you whether or not you believe them. The one thing that the Paleo diet has helped me with, is weight loss and the ability to help keep my weight stable.


The basics of the Paleo diet are looking towards the foods that only our cavemen ancestors ate. This would include the foods such as fruit, vegetables, meats & fish, nuts & seeds along with eggs.

What you can’t eat is mostly anything with grain/gluten and dairy, along with processed foods, junk, processed sugary food etc. You can see how inventive your cooking can get once you eliminate things like bread products, pasta products and dairy.

I still do eat dairy and bread, as I do not think the claims on them are full proof. Have a look at this YouTube video on gluten sensitivity, it pretty much changed my entire stance on the whole ‘gluten free’ phenomenon. Chances are you are not gluten sensitive.



Although I understand, especially with bread & pasta products, that keeping them in strict moderation results in the easy weight loss.

When you think about it, how many empty carbs are you actually eating and not burning off as energy, which then gets stored in your body as fat to be used later on.

You need quite an active lifestyle if you are constantly eating bread or pasta type products for most of your meals. You can see how easy those who don’t exercise regularly or have an active lifestyle can put on weight, when eating a lot of empty carbs.

When eliminating these types of foods people who embrace this lifestyle will start to notice a difference in weight, even without any exercise. Just picking wisely what you eat will play a big role in your weight loss.


There are many claims from people that sell Paleo products, plans or books about various health claims that Paleo can basically cure. Type-II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, leaky gut, the list can go on. I honestly don’t know what to believe when they make these claims. You can scour the internet and see for yourself. There are some people out there that are shouting success because the Paleo diet helped them with their ailment, although nobody will know for sure, as there are variables to consider.


Nothing has ever been put to serious testing with this diet. When people use the Paleo diet and experience a health claim, there are too many variables to consider when trying to work out if the diet was a result of this ‘cure’ or not.

The best kind of test you can have in the medical scientific world to asses all these variables is a randomised controlled trial. Unfortunately there are none of the Paleo diet that I can see as having any sort of impact, so we may never truly know.

This is why I stay away from the health claims, as an RCT is one of the most valued trials you can get, although also the most expensive.


The Paleo Diet Flowchart

The Paleo Diet Flowchart


As I stated earlier the Paleo diet has helped me personally with weight loss and weight stabilization tremendously. Although this could simply be put down to the fact at the elimination of certain food types, such as pasta, bread, dairy, processed sugars, etc.


Now after experiencing Paleo and continuing my quest for knowledge on health and wellbeing, I’ve realised certain mistakes I’ve made, although that’s what you need to learn and become wiser.

I have moved back onto eating things like bread and dairy products. Even some sugary products, although everything is now consumed within moderation.

I’m still able to keep my weight the way I want it, especially now I have taken up to exercising regularly, which means I need carbs more than ever!


The reason I stay with The Paleo diet is how inventive the cooking and baking can get. You get to explore so many different styles of cooking and baking as well as different ingredients and flavours. An example would be the removal of flour, you need to start looking at alternatives such as coconut flour or almond flour, and even grinding up cashew nuts makes a great flour.

These incorporate different flavours and can have a great impact on certain meals. I would highly recommend using coconut flour in a pizza base, it transforms the taste! Although I do still use normal flour as it helps with holding it all together. Gluten is a great binding agent after all.


You even experiment greatly in baking, using raw cocoa powder instead of chocolate powder. It’s a darker richer intense taste! I’ve seen simple Paleo recipes where you would include avocado and banana in brownies, along with cocoa powder and almond flour and honey.

Tested these out and I can safely say they are some of the nicest brownies I’ve made! This is my main love for the Paleo diet lifestyle, is at how inventive it gets.

So why not try it out for yourself, there are many video recipes and guides over at my blog. Our site offers many paleo diet recipes with some filmed for ease and some are a part of eBooks.

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