Maca or Lepidium meyenii is a hardy root-plant native to the Andean highlands of Peru. It is also popularly known as Peruvian ginseng.

The plant grows in unique soil that is rich in minerals at a high altitude. Maca is an adaptogenic plant, having the capacity of balancing the body’s responses when dealing with various stressors.

Adaptogens are considered to be among the most beneficial medicinal herbs that help people cope with stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, even sleep problems. Interestingly Maca is actually related to the humble potato.


Maca is nutritionally dense and considered to be one of the true “superfoods”. It has been used for over a thousand year and has unique effects on women.

It’s high-nutrient content, its unique ability to support the production of energy, and the power of improving women’s health are all well documented.  There are various types of maca to choose from. With this comes the different ways on how it greatly affects and provide benefits to the overall health of women throughout the world.


How Women Benefit from Maca?


Maca Enhances Curves

One of the most interesting things about maca is its ability to support the enhancement of women body shape. It works by balancing the estrogen levels in the body, which in return, increases the shape and size of breasts.

At the same time, maca itself is anabolic or muscle building, thus increasing the size of buttocks. These benefits are gained by using Black Maca and engaging in exercises like squats that aim to increase the glute muscles.


Maca Can Reduce Depression among Women

Maca is also known for helping reduce depression among women.  It serves as a mood-lifter given its very high nutrient-content and energizing properties.

In fact, various reports stated its positive emotional health, resulting from the continued usage of maca, specifically the red variety.


Maca Reduces Menopause Symptoms

Menopause and perimenopause come with uncomfortable symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, and insomnia.

But all these can be reduced with maca’s effects and ability to support the healthy hormone balance. Maca does not contain hormones, but it can stimulate the body to provide balance to the endocrine system. For women who are in this life transition, maca is a great solution for them.


Maca is Safe for Pregnant Women

Maca is generally safe to be taken during pregnancy because of its high mineral and nutrient content, making it a great support for a healthy development. Having a 2 teaspoon serving of it contains 3 times more calcium than a glass of milk.

In addition, both red and black maca can increase bone strength and density. Although this is the case, it is still best to consult with a medical professional when pregnant before taking maca.


Maca in Powder Form

Maca in Powder Form


Maca Enhances Memory, Clarity, and Mental Focus

Women enjoy using maca because of its ability to boost mental capacities like clarity, focus, and memory. It is good to take it whenever a mental task is about to be performed.

In addition, the energy it provides is balanced and sustained.


Maca Provides Healthy Skin

Maca is capable of balancing hormones, thus the reason for its positive effect on skin tone. This includes reducing the hormones that are related to acne, while improving the skin’s elasticity.

Maca in the form of a cream works best to get these benefits.


Maca for Fertility

For more than 2, 000 years, women have been relying on the use of maca powder to increase the chances of conceiving a child.

In addition, scientific studies showed that it is also capable of hormone balance, which results in regular ovulation. Furthermore, since maca is a powerhouse in terms of nutrition, it supports the body’s optimal health necessary for fertility. In this case, red maca is best to boost fertility among women.




Maca is well-liked by many people, specifically women across countries because it does not only relieve many ill health conditions, but most of all, it allows the body to perform efficiently.

Taking maca makes one feel more energized and vibrant. For women, there will always be a great solution to the unwanted symptoms of irregular hormones.

There is no denying that one will definitely enjoy all the benefits that only maca can bring. For all women out there, it is now the right time to start using maca!