I launched Vitamin Class late 2013 with the view to share my thoughts and interests in vitamins, supplements and healthy living with the world, or at least you and our two other readers! A few years on and we now have a handful of passionate writers on our team who help research and write all the interesting articles you find here.

So a bit about me, I’m a Marketing grad, qualified fitness instructor and licensed AFMA financial adviser. In the early days, I ran a small natural health products company specializing in local New Zealand made products. More recently I handled the procurement of produce for fruit and vegetable retail business I co-owned in Auckland. I am keenly interested in online business and also operate a local web-based lead generation business.

In my (not so frequent) spare time I enjoy Brazilian Jiujitsu, riding my bike with Otis (he runs I bike), sipping apple cider and learning about nutrition!

Thanks for reading!

Benjamin Tong