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When it comes to eating and making your own food, going through a drive-through or getting a frozen meal is an easy choice. However, you may not realize how these “easy” choices may be negatively affecting your health and your budget. Eating too many processed foods may be the culprit irritating your stomach or causing your headaches or even making your skin break out with pimples. It can even be contributing to you being tired every day and feeling a bit cloudy in your head, making you less productive. Don’t forget processed food means buying more packages that you typically only use once, which can really add up at the grocery store.


It is understandable that many people eat this way. With so many busy schedules, children, and full-time jobs, it isn’t always a priority to eat healthy. But it should be. In reality, it will save you money, and the benefits to your health are worth the extra time you may spend in the kitchen.


The following blogs will not only emphasize the importance of healthy eating, they will convince you to do so. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or a carnivore at heart, you will find a blog that has the wholesome, natural recipes you need. These bloggers have done all of the hard work too. Not only have they created delicious recipes, they have created recipes that will be easier on your wallet and won’t take hours to make. Some in even 30 minutes or less and with minimal ingredients.


If you haven’t been convinced to go all-natural just yet, you will see real life people no longer suffering from an assortment of ailments after going the whole-food route. You really have nothing to lose. Read on, be inspired, and feel your health change for the better today. These friendly bloggers will guide you through the process of going unprocessed.




ohsheglowsOh She Glows

Oh She Glows was born from Angela’s recovery from an eating disorder. She wanted to eat well, healthy, and natural. She had no previous cooking experience so this was easier said than done, but with her hard work and determination Angela persevered. Arguably, her biggest challenge was coming up with plant-based recipes her fast food loving husband would enjoy. But she succeeded so well, she was approached to publish a cookbook and Oh She Glows took off from there. Look at Angela’s Next Level Vegan Enchiladas to see why she is so popular.


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elanaspantryElana’s Pantry

Elana is a paleo expert and a leader in grain-free cooking. In 1998, she was diagnosed with celiac disease but after giving up gluten, her symptoms still persisted. She listened to her body and decided to go completely grain-free. Elana was symptom free and dedicated her life to healthy eating and wellness. Today, she has many successful cookbooks and creates delicious recipes with the most natural ingredients. If you aren’t on the gluten free, grain free diet just yet try out the Chocolate Decadence Cookies to see how delicious paleo can be.


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minimalistbakerMinimalist Baker

Dana and John are an adorable married couple who specialize in simple cooking and baking techniques. Ten ingredients or less simple. Their specific diet restrictions have resulted in a majority of their recipes being plant-based, gluten-free and/or lactose-free but still wholly satisfying. Visit Best of January 2016 to see a whole month’s worth of Dana and John’s magnificent and natural food recipes. From stir fry to coconut pancakes to greek guacamole, you will find something for you.


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sproutedkitchenSprouted Kitchen

Sara and Hugh are the photogenic couple who teamed up for the food blog Sprouted Kitchen. Sara practices healthy eating and truly believes that seasonal, fresh grown food is the absolute best. Her favorite food is salad which proves how serious she is about eating healthy. Hugh just so happens to be a talented photographer who does all the artistic images for the site. Sara likes to make simple recipes with simple recipes that taste great. Check out the Arugula Caprese Salad with Kale Pesto for a refreshing salad perfect for any time of the year.


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cannellevanilleCannelle et Vanille

Aran is a native from Basque who has been living in the United States for over 15 years. The name Cannelle et Vanille is named for the spices of her childhood. A freelance food writer, stylist, and photographer, Aran keeps herself very busy creating and executing gluten-free recipes. This blog also includes her life stories and travels. Her blog has a certain beauty and level of class that only a European woman can deliver. Brioche, Burnt Milk Ice Cream, and a Decadent Breakfast which was inspired by a Basque bakery to a trip home.


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mynewrootsMy New Roots

A holistic nutritionist, Sarah eats a plant based diet and is another self-taught natural cook. Holistic nutrition is a health care system that embodies a person’s physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She is a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, fruitarian, and macrobiotic but doesn’t want to put labels on herself. But she will call herself a whole food lover. Her love of food comes through fully and her passion is contagious. Cream of Broccoli and Cashew Soup is a perfect winter staple with all natural ingredients.


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cookieandkateCookie and Kate

Like any good woman, Kate admits that she loves food and eating. She is a vegetarian and likes to eat whole foods as often as possible. Cookie is her adorable mutt dog and the other half of her blog namesake. She is a self-taught photographer and cook living in Kansas City and is able to work on her blog full-time. Kate comes across as youthful and cheerful and her recipes are just as wholesome. Spinach Pasta with Roasted Broccoli and Bell Pepper will satisfy even the pickiest of meat eaters with its fresh taste and colorful look.


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naturallyellaNaturally Ella

Like many American children, Erin grew up on McDonald’s and fast food. However, after her father suffered a heart attack at the age of 45, she and her entire family vastly changed their eating habits. Now a vegetarian, Erin is a food blogger who is sharing her journey from fast food to health with us. The name Naturally Ella comes from her love of natural food and her initials. The best thing about Erin is her openness and honesty to her readers. Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Onions is a delicious variation on the children’s classic.


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Helene started her blog, Tartelette, in 2006 after she left her job as a pastry chef in a French restaurant. She didn’t have a direction to a new career except knowing it would revolve around food and photography. Helene has been successful and Tartellette now showcases her mostly gluten free and deliciously beautiful recipes. As a former pastry chef, a good majority of her recipes are dessert which makes this blog even more delectable. Her Princess Torte seems like an ambitious effort but with such a rich base and wonderfully magnificent presentation, you’ll have to try it.


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simplebitesSimple Bites

Simple Bites main focus is bringing a family together around the dinner table on a daily basis  serving unprocessed, healthy food. Aimée’s blog enables families, and challenges them, to change their food habits. She is all about including children in cooking and has many tips on how to get them involved safely and easily. With so many delicious, simple, and healthy recipes, your family may have some difficulty agreeing on which one to try. Cucumber Basil Bites are a simple appetizer that the kids can easily help with and will love as well.


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runningtothekitchenRunning to the Kitchen

Gina is a self-proclaimed food lover, and like some of the best people in the world, loves a rare steak and a glass of red wine. She grew up playing sports and never paid much attention to what she ate. In college, she stopped and slowly gained weight. Realizing she needed to change, she lost weight counting calories and running but wanted to make a whole lifestyle change. This resulted in healthy eating, and subsequently her blog. Open Faced Burger Eggs Benedict is part of a paleo challenge she did and a delicious challenge it is.


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Food RenegadeFood Renegade

Kristen eats meat, drinks her milk raw, and has it out for the businessmen in Washington who dictate the unhealthy American diet. She avoids processed food at all costs and believes that a traditional, organic, fresh diet is the key to health. She is an advocate for “real food” and a nutrition educator. You can feel her passion jump off the screen within a few moments of visiting The Food Renegade.  Extend your life, and weekly menu, by incorporating Zesty Cilantro Lime Roasted Chicken into the mix. This simple recipe will surely be satisfying.


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katheatsKath Eat Real Food

Kath’s blogging journey started in 2006 as she documented her goal to lose 30 pounds. With her success, she started another blog to share her new recipes with family and friends. Now she runs her own blog documenting her healthy eating lifestyle, and a new career as a dietician. Kath is relatable because she did not start as a health nut. She evolved into this woman who now eats all natural and is kind enough to share her secrets. You will quickly learn that she loves oatmeal. Try Apple Walnut Baked Oatmeal for a new twist on the classic breakfast.


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kitchenstewardshipKitchen Stewardship

Katie is a woman of God who believes the kitchen is an opportunity to serve Him and our families. The namesake of her blog is about finding balance in the kitchen in the four areas of health, earth, time, and money for optimal health and nutrition. Katie is a kind woman who loves her family and tries her very best to feed them wholesome, organic, natural foods with lots of vegetables and homemade broth. Her attitude and perseverance is truly inspiring. Healthy Baked Rice Pudding will be a healthy and sweet treat for the whole family.


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keeperofthehomeKeeper of the Home

When she was young, Stephanie didn’t take great care of herself and lived on coffee, juice, unhealthy food, and an ignorance of health. As a result, she was constantly sick and in pain from unhealthy food. She was even diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and told she could never have children. Stephanie then began eating raw, whole, unprocessed food and her health drastically improved. Now, with five kids and a very successful health/lifestyle blog, she shares her passion for nutrition with the world. Amazing Greek Salad Recipe will wake up your taste buds and serves as a light meal.


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eatingrulesEating Rules

Andrew became a vegetarian at 15 but that led him to eat a lot of pasta, cheese, and bread. He had low energy and a serious problem with acne. He eventually decided to try yoga and counting his calories. When his energy and acne improved, he committed to eating natural and clean. Andrew wanted to share his healthy lifestyle with others and wanted to create great tasting food to share. Eating Rules not only accomplished this but keeps him on track. Fettuccine with Tomato Avocado Sauce is a simple, all natural recipe that will be a perfect dinner.


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thefirstmessThe First Mess

Canadian Laura has always loved cooking and loves to cook for her family and friends. She prefers all natural, seasonal cuisine. Though she has a background in restaurants, she feels that she has gained the most experience cooking in the real world. The First Mess is named for an acclaimed author’s take on the first run, or mess, of peas in early spring. So Laura is into fine literature and food, a good combination. Combine your favorite early morning alcoholic beverage with this healthy and refreshing Bloody Mary Salad.


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gourmandeinthekitchenGourmande in the Kitchen

Sylvie is a true food aficionado. All of the recipes featured on her blog are gluten-free and free from refined sugar and processed foods. Also, for everyone who is very busy, her recipes are quick, easy, and use minimal ingredients. The word “gourmande” from her blog title means a person who has a true love for food, who eats eagerly, and eats with passion. A true foodie if you will. This is Sylvie. For an all natural, vegan, and raw dessert that still taste like heaven try the Carrot Ginger Tart.


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jeanetteshealthylivingJeanette’s Healthy Living

Jeanette worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years before she decided to stay home with her four boys. She started her healthy eating blog because many close family members and friends have certain dietary restrictions, including food allergies and lactose intolerance. However, she believes that these dietary restrictions shouldn’t skimp on flavor so she started Jeanette’s Healthy Living to share healthy and delicious recipes for anyone with any sort of dietary restrictions. Grilled Salmon with Herb Yogurt Sauce will awaken your tastebuds and satisfy you with a light, delightful meal.


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deliciouslyorganicDeliciously Organic

After the birth of her second child, Carrie began suffering from debilitating migraines. With a small change in her diet, from regular vegetables to organic, her migraines became less frequent and severe. She cut out all processed foods and ate all organic and her migraines disappeared. Her family was also able to overcome eczema, asthma, and IBS with organic food changes. Deliciously Organic are Carrie’s own original, delicious health saving recipes. Carrie and her family had the hardest time switching to gluten free desserts so try her perfected Grain-Free Molten Lava Cake to satisfy that chocolate craving.


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thenourishinggourmetThe Nourishing Gourmet

A life-changing first job at a bakery was all it took for Kimi to love making food from scratch. She was soon making all meals for her family using fresh ingredients and on a small budget. As her cooking skills increased, she began using all organic ingredients and omitting eggs, dairy, and gluten for health concerns. While it was a challenge, Kimi persevered and began blogging her recipes on The Nourishing Gourmet. Cheesy Italian Pull Apart Bread isn’t gluten-free but it is a must try for those without restrictions and who love amazing food.


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allysonkramerAllyson Kramer

Allyson is an accomplished vegan food writer who was written cookbooks and developed recipes for numerous publications including The Huffington Post, Easy Eats Magazine, and Glamour Magazine. When she isn’t contributing to other publications, she also runs the vegan site for and does food photography. If you think Allyson seems like a busy woman, it’s because she is. Se focuses on gluten-free, plant-based recipes that are wholesome and delicious.You won’t believe that her Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake is vegan, gluten free, and even a bit healthy.


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keepinitkindKeep it Kind

Kristy is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Her blog name, Keep It Kind, is truly reflective of her personality. She was raised eating meat but became a vegetarian in her 20’s. After working as a fromagerie at a cheese shop for two years, she became more aware of abuse in the dairy industry and decided to turn vegan. Along with her best friend/husband, they run this blog to share delicious vegan recipes. Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes will provide you with a hearty, all-natural breakfast that will keep you full until lunch.


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forkandbeansFork and Beans

Cara didn’t grow up the healthiest child. She grew up on an unhealthy American diet of McDonald’s, Doritos, and Coca-Cola. She also happened to deal with painful stomach cramps and other uncomfortable health complications. Additionally, Cara was overweight and self-conscious about her appearance. After being diagnosed with food allergies, Cara began eating an unprocessed, all-natural, gluten-free, vegan diet. Not only did she lose weight, but she felt healthy and pain-free for the first time in her life. Now, she is inspiring others to make the same changes. Homemade Gluten-Free Pop Tarts are a much healthier version on the American classic.


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mywholefoodlifeMy Whole Food Life

Melissa is a vegan cookbook author and mom of two. She is originally from Boston but lives in Dallasand loves doing yoga. She and her husband Marcus eat as healthy as possible to set a good example for their daughters. This means eating whole, unprocessed, vegan food.  Melissa loves sweets so these are her specialty whereas Marcus perfects all of the savory. Together, they have some truly amazing and mouth watering vegan recipes that you will love if you eat dairy and cheese. Their Soba and Zucchini Noodle Bowl will be a filling, all -natural main dish to try.


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veganrichaVegan Richa

Richa is an award-winning recipe developer and blogger. Like her blog says, she specializes in vegan recipes but also uniquely takes her Indian heritage and puts a vegan spin on them. After having a brain tumor removed, she had some difficulty recovering and wasn’t able to write as much or try as many recipes but she is doing better now and getting back into the kitchen as much as possible. Get in touch with Richa’s heritage and try her vegan Gobi Musallam tonight.


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foodloveswritingFood Loves Writing

Tim and Shanna are a completely adorable couple and together they run the natural food blog Food Loves Writing. Shanna just so happens to be a successful food writer and does most of the writing on the site. Tim takes care of the photography. They eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible as well as many whole grains, raw dairy, and pastured meats but keep away from pork and shellfish. Try their Grass Fed Sloppy Joes for a healthy, natural take on the all-American classic.


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amychaplinAmy Chaplin

Amy Chaplin is an accomplished vegan chef. Over her twenty year career, she has been a chef in many cities around the world including London, Amsterdam, and New York. Raised in Australia by vegetarian parents who served her a whole food diet growing up, she was inspired into a healthy, natural lifestyle as a child. She has been an executive chef, a personal chef, and everything in-between. With a resume like this, it is safe to say that Amy has some of the most delicious vegetarian recipes around. Zucchini Tangle with Poached Eggs and Harissa is a fresh morning delight.


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Live Simply

The name of Kristin’s blog says it all. She believes in living simply and making meals with wholesome, natural, local ingredients. Along with many who are raising a family, she believes in serving these healthy meals on a budget. With two children, Kristin got creative and when she got good at that, began Live Simply to share what she learned with other families wanting a natural lifestyle. Her recipes are, you guessed it: Simple. A great necessity in many family meals, Homemade Whole Grain Hamburger Buns, will allow you to still serve your favorite bunned foods avoiding the processed version.


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thenourishinghomeThe Nourishing Home

Kelly is the friendly mom behind The Nourishing Home. You will feel right at home exploring her gluten-free, grain-free recipes made from all-natural, simple ingredients. In addition to recipes, she also shares her skills in meal planning and all around family organization. She does this in an engaging, down-to-earth way that won’t intimidate the less organized and healthy among us. Kelly will hold your hand the whole way. Busy families are probably well acquainted with their crock pot, but her Slow Cooker Chicken will allow you to enjoy this wholesome and delicious staple without having to watch the oven.


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laurafuentesLaura Fuentes

Laura is best described as an entrepreneur whose background in business is building a healthy cooking empire. She reaches over 700,000 readers with her blog, has written two cookbooks, and is a winner from the Food Network show “Rewrapped” Her goal is to pass along easy recipes and quick tips to busy parents. A native of Spain, she likes to incorporate her Latin heritage into her recipes. Try her Santa Fe Chicken Salad for a fresh meal with an ethnic twist.


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tinnedtomatoesTinned Tomatoes

Jacqueline has been a vegetarian for 25 years. She is married to a vegan and her blog, Tinned Tomatoes, features both types of recipes. Her blog is named for how she started cooking using canned tomatoes. She now uses the freshest ingredients since her skills have improved. She lives in Scotland and began her blog when she began cooking to feed her son the healthiest and most natural food she could. Her husband hates to cook so he really hit the jackpot with her. Her Baby Egg Pies are a treat for on-the-go, little kids, and anyone who loves eggs.


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amygreenAmy Green

Amy Green grew up as an overweight child. These problems led to low self esteem and depression. Beginning in high school, she tried weight watchers and succeeded. But she fluctuated throughout adulthood and tried every diet imaginable. Amy discovered that as soon as she ate flour or sugar, her body craved more and would eat until she felt sick. She eliminated gluten and sugar from her diet and has never felt better. Her blog includes her inspiring story and delicious sugar-free, gluten-free recipes to inspire others to live their best life. Her German Chocolate Cupcakes will satisfy any craving.


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realfoodbydadReal Food by Dad

Matt is a modern dad to three growing boys. His wife may also be a food blogger, but in addition to being a chauffeur and sports coach, Matt is in charge of all weeknight meals for his family. His blog details his easy cooking, kitchen shortcut tips, and everything in-between for busy modern families. His food is a bit heartier than some of the other bloggers on this list, but that is a delicious thing. Waffled Hash Brown Croque Monsieur is a filling unique take on the French dish.


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dontwastethecrumbsDon’t Waste the Crumbs

Tiffany is a woman of God who runs her household gratefully, healthily, and debt-free. Tiffany previously worked a high paying corporate job but found her calling to be a mom a necessity, and decided to stay home and raise her children. Along the way she started, Don’t Waste the Crumbs, as a helpful how-to guide for other families. She has a wonderful section on healthy, home cooking. You will quickly see that she is super organized and efficient which means you should trust her recipes. Overnight Pumpkin French Toast Casserole will be a hit for any weekend morning.


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nourishingdaysNourishing Days

Shannon and Stewart are a self sufficient couple that live off the grid in Texas. They took a chance, sold half of their stuff, and took off to Texas where they built, and lived in, a 300 sq. ft cabin for 2.5 years. Shannon works as a freelance writer and cookbook author, using solar powers for her laptops. Shannon is the definition of resourceful, and since she grows her own food, she knows all about natural eating. Soaked Oatmeal Porridge is just the type of filling breakfast you need living off the land…..or getting the kids off to school.


Find Shannon on Nourishing Days





robinasbellRobin Asbell

Robin is a freelance writer and recipe developer. She writes all about food and has even published seven grain and vegetarian based cookbooks. Her other work has been published in Better Home and Gardens and The Vegetarian Times. Robin also moonlights as a culinary instructor, private chef, and public speaker when she can find the time, because with all of these accomplishments, she seems very busy. Her grilled quinoa-avocado filled collard roll is something unique to try, especially if you arn’t familiar with collard greens.


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oneingredientchefOne Ingredient Chef

Andrew did not grow up cooking nor did he want to. He began cooking on a whim and fell in love with the intoxication of the aromas and freshness of natural food. He started cooking from there and began inventing his own recipes. It all came naturally. His method of healthy meals is designed to fight chronic disease and obesity. A California native, Andrew has eaten vegan for almost six years and counts avocados as one of his favorite foods. Sushi Roll in a Bowl is your favorite healthy roll of sushi in an amazing rice bowl.


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realfoodrnReal Food RN

Kate is a mom, real food enthusiast, and a registered nurse. In nursing school, she was taught that foods such as butter, bacon, and raw milk aren’t healthy but these are foods that Kate eats and loves. However, she is a true fan of healthy eating and believes that eliminating toxins from the body is vital. She does this by eliminating environmental toxins and eating healthy, wholesome real food. Her blog contains many real food recipes with a healthy twist. Sun-dried Tomato, Balsamic Onion Pot Roast is a filling whole food meal that will satisfy even the hungriest of eaters.


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hellyeahitsveganHell Yeah It’s Vegan!

This blog by Claryn is enthusiastically vegan and proud. She started Hell Yeah It’s Vegan! after becoming frustrated with the lack of vegan blogs on the internet. Her goal is to disprove those who think vegans cannot eat great tasting food. Claryn is a vegan for animals, the world, and her health. Her recipes do indeed sound delicious but she admits that making meals vegan takes some ingenuity but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Try her Vegan Corn Dogs featuring some deep frying and some of the best imitated hot dogs around.


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realfoodrealdealsReal Food Real Deals

Annemarie is a cookbook author and is an expert at making simple meals on a tight budget. She has developed many recipes and has done the research for affordable food. Most importantly, her recipes are kid tested and great for families. Annemarie’s recipes should not take more than 30 minutes to prepare so go pick out tonight’s dinner right now. Soups are a great meal alternative. Canned soup has too much salt and homemade is seen as too difficult and time consuming. Not the Annemarie way! Pizza Soup is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for anyone who likes pizza, so everyone.


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connoisseurusvegConnoisseurus Veg

Alissa is clever. This can be assumed because her blog title, Connoisseurus Veg, combines the words connoisseur and dinosaur, like a T-rex, who were vegetarians. A shy person, Alissa wanted her blog to remain anonymous but her success threw those plans out the window. This clever vegetarian loves cooking and has been a vegetarian since she was 13. Most of her recipes are vegan and all are wonderful. If you love vegetables, this is the blog for you. Hot Garlicky Broccoli Rabe Sandwich with Smoked Tahini Cheese Sauce is filling, appealing, and will impress the most voracious of meat eaters.


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kelliesfoodtoglowKellies Food to Glow

Kellie grew up in Florida but has been living in Scotland for almost 30 years now. She has an eclectic taste in food. She grew up eating Cuban food and exploring European meals and discovering her own love for Middle Eastern and North African food. Though most of her recipes are healthy and plant based, Kellie herself is not a vegetarian. Some recipes will include fish and other items she calls, “occasional decadence” Kellie’s exceptional skills and experience guarantee a wonderful meal. She loves breakfast. Easy All-In-One Breakfast is a Kellie approved meal to jumpstart your day.


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divinehealthfromtheinsideoutDivine Health from the Inside Out

Lydia is a nutritional therapist who is passionate about health, wellness, and clean eating. She no longer eats processed foods or gluten. Once she stopped, many health ailments that once plagued her were no longer a problem. Lydia no longer gets seasonal colds, headaches, menstrual cramps, or complications from asthma. You really pick up on Lydia’s passion for nutrition and fitness. She wants to share all she knows with anyone who takes the time to visit her blog. Better Than Store Bought Hummus will make for a great snack without the extra preservatives.


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inspiredediblesInspired Edibles

Kelly is a native Canadian who has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She used to work as lawyer who also happened to suffer from migraines and occasionally irritable bowel syndrome. Neither of those three things are very fun so she decided to leave her high stress job and study holistic nutrition to better improve her overall health and well being. She has been successful in all aspects and now aims to teach others that simple, organic, natural eating can be easy and delicious. Flourless Salmon Dill Brunch Bites are perfect for any meal of the day, not just brunch.


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justasdelishJust as Delish

Shannon is a busy girl from Malaysia and lover of food. After years of eating processed food on the go, Shannon began feeling sluggish, tired, and sick all of the time. Just as Delish is her game changer and it became her personal goal to eat healthy and make most of her meals from scratch. Shannon is much more mindful of chemicals in food and avoids them. Ratatouille’s Ratatouille is a Thomas Keller inspired dish or maybe it was inspired by the cartoon rat. Either way it is natural and tasty.


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straightupfoodStraight Up Food

Cathy is a culinary instructor at two health centers in California. She eats a plant-based, gluten-free diet without added salt, oil, and sugar. Like many others, this type of diet evolved after making the decision to commit to healthy eating. She considers herself a whole food chef and is a self taught cook with a certification in basic nutrition. From her blog, it is clear that she knows what she is talking about and has become an expert vegan chef others can look up to. Tu-No Casserole is a cute name and a classic dish with a vegan twist.


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jugglingrealfoodandreallifeJuggling Real Food and Life

Christina is a busy mom of four who easily let her family’s health slip through the cracks with processed and fast food. It became apparent that this wasn’t the best for their health, or their waistlines, so she started doing some research. Christina decided that real and natural food was the way to go. Juggling Real Food and Life is her story of managing a busy family life with healthy eating. She created her own recipes along the way. Her Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich is easy to make before school and better than stopping at a fast food restaurant.


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nadialimNadia Lim

Inspired at a young age by Jamie Oliver, Nadia quickly discovered that she was meant to be a chef. As a teen, she loved hosting dinner parties for her friends and writing her own recipes. She has a degree in dietetics and nutrition and worked as a diabetic dietician. She decided to make the jump and try out to be on MasterChef. The show changed her life and now she is able to share her food ideas with the world. Her Brunch Salad is a full salad that combines the best things about breakfast over a bed of leafy greens


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runningonrealfoodRunning on Real Food

Deryn began her blog in 2013 to share her lifestyle, fitness, and healthy eating tips. She has had a passion for fitness since she was younger and believes a big part of health is eating well. To her, eating well means eating vegan and as naturally as possible. Since Deryn has been living the healthy lifestyle since her youth, it comes naturally to her. Her advice is some to take. For a great pick me up after a hard workout, snack on her Nut-Free Chewy Vegan Granola Bars. As delicious as the ones from the grocery store, but much healthier.


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realfoodallergyfreeReal Food Allergy Free

Nancy is a homeschooling mom of four. Her youngest suffers from eczema and part of her treatment has been to avoid the top eight allergens most likely to cause issues. These allergens are dairy, egg, wheat, soy, tree nut, peanut, shellfish, and fish. She is now passionate about the real food movement. She is a novice blogger sharing allergy-free recipes that people without restrictions will enjoy. Best of all, her recipes are made to be budget and time friendly. Slow Cooker Chinese Orange Chicken will be a wonderful, allergy-free, time saving recipe that all the kids will love.


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realfoodlivingReal Food Living

Vickilyn is a former paramedic and leukemia survivor. Her family’s ailments inspired her to start cooking naturally and organically. She truly started Real Food Living in 1984 before the internet. She had a passion to share made-from-scratch meals with other families who also wanted to eat healthy and natural food. Of course, the internet has made sharing and finding recipes exponentially easier, Vickilyn has had this going with neighborhood families and her church for years. Her version of the classic Reuben is just as delightful as the original but not as artery clogging.


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bowlofdeliciousBowl of Delicious

Elizabeth is a teacher from Texas who has always loved eating and food. Luckily, she also enjoys cooking to feed her appetite. Along with her husband, she switched to an all-natural diet. To her, this meant eating little to no processed foods. Once the switch was made, she slept better, never got sick, and didn’t have any problems with digestion. That being said, she does occasionally indulge in Reese’s peanut butter cups but those are great, so who can blame her?  Seared Salmon with Scallion Butter is a rich meal yet all natural and easy to make.


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jessicacordingnutritionJessica Cording Nutrition

Jessica is a successful dietician with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition. She has spent most of her career associated in the medical field working at many hospitals but has also worked in the private sector with clients. She is passionate about healthy eating and wellness. Her goals are to prove and show that eating well is not hard and doesn’t have to be complicated. This is an attainable lifestyle for anyone. Her Gnocchi Chicken Soup is a nice filling soup for winter, approved by a talented dietician.


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realfoodoutlawsReal Food Outlaws

Sarah isn’t a wild west villain….her actual last name is Outlaw, hence the blog name Real Food Outlaws. Sarah and her husband have been into healthy eating for twelve years now but have been really focused on this lifestyle for the past nine. She began blogging to share her natural, organic, healthy way of life. With a few nutrition certifications under her Outlaw belt, she is more than qualified to educate others on healthy eating. Her recipes are simply great and kid approved by her four little ones. Mulberry Sourdough Pancakes are sure to delight during brunch.


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lowtoxlifeLow Tox Life

Alexx has always believed that she could change the world. Growing up, she ate well but also ate processed foods. Suffering from migraines and fatigue, her life-changing moment came when she was going to the store to buy baby food for her son. She couldn’t do it and went all natural overnight. She has done her research and has extensively looked up the recipes she has come up with. Alexx is changing the world one recipe at a time. Her Therapeutic Chocolate Cookies will satisfy a sweet craving with their all natural ingredients and rich flavor.


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simplyrealhealthSimply Real Health

Sarah is a nutrition coach as well as a lifestyle blogger and lover of real food. She began Simply Real Health with a goal to help people live a healthier daily lifestyle and to show them how easy it can be to attain by first teaching others what healthy foods are, and then applying those lifestyle changes. Her recipes are not only healthy, but delicious and easy to emulate in your own kitchen. Sarah also loves chocolate which means she can be trusted. Try out her Roasted Tomato Soup for a quick, easy, and delectable meal.


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wholefoodsimplyWhole Food Simply

Bianca has been on a natural food journey for years. However, she has had a few defining moments. It began when she first personally decided to eat clean. This was after she had children and noticed how many children were eating processed food, and she knew she had to share what she knew about clean eating to others. Whole Food Simply is her way of spreading the word of natural eating. Simple Satay Chicken will take you to another world with its flavor and you’ll be amazed that you created this meal.


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myplantbasedfamilyMy Plant Based Family

Holly and her family live in Arizona and eat a plant-based diet. She is a Christian and believes that our bodies were made to be healthy but humans pollute them with poor choices. My Plant Based Family is where she shares her philosophies and recipes with anyone who ready is to make a change in what they consume to un-pollute their bodies and be at their best. Her gluten-free and vegan Mac and Cheese is wholesome, all natural, and delicious.


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realhealthyrecipesReal Healthy Recipes

Diana loves food. She eats for fun and feels that food is a pleasurable experience. After experimenting with many different food diets and she finally decided that her Real Healthy Recipes is the best way to eat. A few of the guidelines include eating unlimited veggies, eggs, lean meats, and fish, and limited fruits and nuts. The restrictions are no dairy, grains, legumes, potatoes, or sugar. Diane advises eating like this 90% of the time to feel your absolute best. Her Roasted Veggie Tart is a dish like no other filled with fresh vegetables surrounded by a flavorful pastry.


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wholefoodcookingWhole Food Cooking

Jude is an accomplished whole food chef, cooking teacher, real food activist, and more. She opened a whole food store where they also happen to teaches others about natural food that are good and good for you. Jude also campaigns for sustainable living and local farmers. She  believes that communities should take advantage of locally grown produce. Her Summer Breakfast Salad is a wonderful example of fresh, local ingredients carefully placed together for a refreshing meal.


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traditionalcookingschoolTraditional Cooking School

Like the name suggests, this is an online cooking school run by Wardee. Traditional Cooking School is also a blog inspired by her family and their specific dietary needs. In addition to healthy recipes, Wardee also creates videos to go along with her recipes so they are foolproof. However, her recipes are already simple. She wants everyone to eat well with ease. There are so many recipes to choose from, your family will never be bored but will always be feeling great. The Smoky Cucumber Soup is full of flavor and spices.


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eatsrealfoodEats Real Food

Alanna of Eats Real Food is a registered dietician who does not believe in dietary restrictions unless medically necessary. Best of all, she thinks everything can be consumed in moderation and you will never have to diet. Of course, exercise is a huge part of this but when a dietician okay’s the consumption of real sweets, that’s ok with me. She seems very down to earth and started her blog to share fun, healthy, easy-to-recreate recipes. Her S’mores on a Stick are sweet enough to satisfy a craving but small enough not to derail a healthy diet.


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happilyunprocessedHappily Unprocessed

The blog name says it all. Happily Unprocessed is the health journey of Debi, a stay at home mom who one day decided to stop eating processed foods to better her health, the health of her family, and to lose weight. She was successful in all aspects. Her blog will help you make the commitment to clean eating. Her blog is broken down into sections to get newbies started and easily on track. Debi also encourages you to try one of her yummy, filling recipes today. Her Tomato Basil Chicken is full of flavor and your family will love it.


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realfoodgirlunmodifiedReal Food Girl: Unmodified

Kristine is a classically trained French chef so she has the skills, and food knowledge to create delectable recipes. As of three years ago, Kristine made the switch to natural and non-GMO food. It is her passion to educate others on these food dangers so everyone can live their best possible life. Her blog, Real Food Girl: Unmodified, is her platform. She will teach anyone who wants to learn and understands everyone needs to start somewhere. Meat and Cheese Stromboli with Pizza Sauce proves how tasty and fantastic real food can be.


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 Real Food Family

April is a certified nutrition counselor, life coach, and a running and fitness expert. However, she hasn’t always lived such an active and healthy lifestyle. A  mother of two, she had gained a few extra pounds, served boxed meals, and had a sedentary activity level. She decided to gradually make changes and is now the impressive, fit, and running woman we see today. Her transformation is proof that lifestyle changes can happen gradually. If you have a sweet tooth and a desire to eat well, but still enjoy chocolate, try Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream. No ice cream maker required.


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ramsonsandbrambleRamson & Bramble

A vegetarian food writer, chef, and recipe developer living in the United Kingdom, Nancy has worked in kitchens all over Europe. Before working in restaurants, she was a vegetarian that did not eat vegetables. But after witnessing the complexity and delectableness of vegetarian dishes, she discovered great food. Now, she has expanded her tastes, perfected her craft, and blogs to share her wonderful vegetarian dishes. Greek Courgette, Spinach & Olive Pie with Whole Wheat Filo Pastry is a unique, complex vegetable pie that will impress at your next dinner party.


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Real Food for Fuel

Kristen is a mountain loving, running obsessed dietician/nutritionist who lives in Virginia and loves the mountains. She is fun loving and comes across as personable and caring. Kristen eats well, exercises, and tries to be at her possible best. Best of all, Kristen wants everyone to be at their best and wants to help by empowering others through nutrition education. She eats a plant based whole food diet and experiments with creating her own recipes. Her meals are typically designed to fill your body with nutrients. Make her Salmon Pesto Salad for a mid-day energy boost


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nourishrealfoodNourish Real Food

Sara is a cleanse expert who also enjoys real food. She is a free spirit and has traveled extensively and even hopped freight trains across the United States just because. When she isn’t being a free spirit, she is busy being a mom of two kids, creating real food recipes and educating others on safe cleansing. However, she is a believer of balance and while she drinks cleansing green smoothies, she also enjoy a nice glass of wine. Her Real Food Brownies are all natural and this dessert isn’t one to feel bad about.


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thevegspaceThe Veg Space

The Veg Space is the place to check out for amazing and tasty vegetarian recipes. It has been featured on many Top 10 lists and in many vegetarian magazines. Kate is the leader of this blog and has been eating vegetarian for 20 years. She holds a Cordon Vert in Vegetarian Cookery and creates vegetarian and vegan recipes created by a true master of food arts. Her food skills will satisfy even the pickiest of meat eaters. Quick Indian Pancakes with Spiced Potato Filling is an ethnic dish with a kick of flavor that makes for a different lunch.


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realfoodwholelifeReal Food Life

Robyn grew up an athlete, stopped in college, lived a college life of cheap burritos, and was not in the habit of eating well after graduation. After giving birth to her daugher, she found herself lethargic and overweight. This was when she decided to make a lifestyle change and Real Food Life was born. She began making working out a priority and started to create her own natural recipes. It was trial and error for a bit but her husband, toddler, and many followers know how great real food can be. 5-Ingredient Garlic Rosemary Chicken Breasts is simple and flavorful.


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realfoodwithdanaReal Food with Dana

One day Dana was fun loving college student enjoying the nightlife until one day she began suffering from horrible nausea. This went on for four months. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong so she decided to eliminate foods from her diet to see if anything could ease her symptoms. She began a paleo and unprocessed diet and her symptoms eased. She began developing her own paleo based recipes, wanted to share, and that is where Real Food with Dana came to light. Pan-Fried Salmon Cakes & Caper Dill Aioli is a tasty treat and filling snack.


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wholefoodsonabudgetWhole Foods on a Budget

Christy’s blog name says it all. Whole Foods on a Budget is a place where people can be inspired to eat natural food but do so in a budget friendly way. Christy grew up eating health food cooked by her mother but it didn’t always taste good. As an adult, she discovered what she called nourishing food and began her food journey, feeding a family of four for $300 a month. She also has numerous cookbooks to help you with your health journey. Summer Garden Lasagna is a great way to use vegetables in your garden for a summer dinner.


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simple-balanceSimple Balance

Wendy is a food coach and educator whose mission is to inspire other to make gradual changes in their eating lifestyle. The name Simple Balance comes from how much difference a slow change in diet can make. She knows that if food doesn’t taste good, you won’t want to eat it. Wendy creates scrumptious recipes with all-natural ingredients that you and your family will love. As a food coach, she creates personalized plans for families and individuals. She has cookbooks for everyone else. Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Frittata is an appetizing and rich winter dish.


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simplywholefoodsSimply Whole Foods

Hollie has been on the healthy eating kick for awhile and has been developing her own whole food recipes for ten years now. She has a few food rules. Some of them being cooking with only fresh, natural food, and avoiding packaged foods with more than five ingredients. She is a busy mom with two toddlers so she knows that making intricate meals is not time well spent. Her recipes are simple enough for even the novice chef. Create her Egg and Spinach Cups for a delightful morning egg muffin that will give you the energy to start your day.


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mywholefoodromanceMy Wholefood Romance

Meg is an expert holistic nutritionist and lover of real food. She wants to inspire others to cook and eat naturally, while proving how delicious wholefood can be. With a special interest in women and child nutrition, Meg takes special care of her patients and guides them to lead their healthiest life. Her recipes are a great starting point or, continuation, for anyone wanting to impress with delicious natural food. Gut-Healing Guacamole has the same spices and avocados like a typical guac but a few extra ingredients will make your intestines and taste buds feel great.


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thewholeingredientThe Whole Ingredient

Laura of The Whole Ingredient is the friendly and approachable recipe developer, and freelance writer, who works hard to bring her readers natural, vegan, wholefood recipes. She would like you to know that if you aren’t a vegan, but you still like great tasting food, you should still come visit. With a wide variety of recipes and her use of tofurkey, and other tofu products, meat eaters who would never consider going meatless may think about it. Her Balsamic Beetroot, Sausage, & Lentil Bowl is bursting with color, flavor, and wholesome ingredients perfect for an amazing yet simple dinner.


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realfoodpledgeReal Food Pledge

Caralee is a native of New Zealand now living in Australia. She began a career as a lawyer in 2006 and now practices with her husband. Over the years, she has dealt with weight problems and tried every diet in the book. In 2013, she decided to make a change and start eating real food. She felt so great she wanted to share her findings, and her developed recipes with others. All of her recipes are gluten, grain, sugar, and dairy free. Her Zucchini Noodle and Pine Nut Salad is a fresh lunch and great choice.


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thefueledathleteThe Fueled Athlete

Christina is a highly educated sport dietician. She has worked with professional athletes, college athletes, and members of the military. She started The Fueled Athlete when she realized that many people didn’t know the healthy and proper way to feed themselves. Christina believes that food is fuel for the body and lives by the fueled athlete manifesto. Her recently developed Three Pepper Poblano Chili is spicy, flavorful, and surprisingly good for you. Perfect for a cold winter night and guaranteed to make leftovers.


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theshrinkingvioletThe Shrinking Violet

Elora is a young woman from New Zealand who works on her blog, The Shrinking Violet, whenever she can. Her blogging journey began through her weight loss. She considers herself a foodie and loves everything about it. Food is pretty great and completely lovable. Who doesn’t love good food? She loves spending time in the kitchen, exploring and creating all things wonderful to eat. She follows a paleo diet and her recipes follow that. Try her Paleo Snickers Cheesecake for a guilt-free chocolate dessert.


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realfoodsimpleReal Food Simple

Suzy began blogging a few years ago to teach people about food. She knows that in today’s day and age, it is not as easy to eat whole, natural food as it should be. She is a research person and has educated herself on eating cleanly. Real Food Simple is her way of sharing what she knows. Suzy is down to earth and won’t judge what others eat. She has a whole page of natural, real food recipes with ten ingredients or less. Try the Grilled Corn and Avocado Salad for a fresh, light, and tasty lunch or dinner.


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freshstartnutritionFresh Start Nutrition

Melanie is a Registered Dietician and Licensed Nutritionist. Her whole life is dedicated to helping others eat well and natural. Melanie wants people to make small, simple food changes in their lifestyle not diet. She is a mom of three and her biggest concern is to feed her family nutritious yet delicious food. Make and serve her Veggie Packed Meatballs for your kids any night of the week and trick them into eating their vegetables.


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rfhbReal Food, Healthy Body

Lillian is a former model who used to live off of sugar, diet coke, and carbs in the form of fruits and vegetables. However, she did have lots of health problems including reflux and bad digestion. Lillian had enough and decided to clean up her diet. She avoids sugar and eats a diet high in protein and good fat. Her blog is meant to inspire others to make a meaningful change in their lives. She will eat sweet things still but only occasionally and a healthier version. Her Chocolate Peanut Butter Mudcake looks too good not to try at home.


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thewholetulipThe Whole Tulip

Carolyn and Adri are sisters whose lives had similar paths. They both had successful careers. One in political fundraising, the other in finance. But neither were happy. They were exhausted, stressed out, and didn’t feel their absolute best. After some soul searching, Carolyn decided to go back to school to become a holistic health coach that improved lives. Adri joined her, and began eating all-natural, preservative free food. Now with improved health and energy, they started The Whole Tulip to teach others about the joys of clean eating. Their Garden Potato Salad is yummy, healthy, and great for any party.


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realfoodscoutReal Food Scout

Jenny is a recovered caffeine, sugar, and carb junkie. Her nearly back-to-back pregnancies were her wake up call to healthy eating. Growing a healthy baby required her to eat healthy. She quit all the coffee and donuts and traded it in for salad. It was rough at first but completely worth it. With her reformed lifestyle, she set out to inspire other junk food addicts to quit with the preservatives and go the natural route. Jenny’s admittedly unhealthy past is what makes her blog refreshing and readable. Make her simple Spring Roll Salad (Or Wrap) for an energy boosting snack.


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myfoodandhappinessMy Food and Happiness

Monika is a regular person. She doesn’t have degrees and doesn’t consider herself an expert. One day, she made the decision to eat real food. Monika doesn’t restrict her food intake but believes everything consumed needs to be of the highest quality. She is not vegetarian, vegan, or paleo yet practices some features of all three. My Food and Happiness is her personal journey to natural food and hopes it will show others they do not have to be a health expert to eat clean. Her Easy Seafood Quinoa Paella is a filling treat that will leave you satisfied.


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bainmarieblogBain Marie Blog

Marie is a French/Chinese cook who uses her unique background to come up with intricate, authentic, nutritious clean eating dishes. She was inspired and taught by her mother who is another nutrition expert. Marie believes that taste and health can easily combine and not only provides recipes but tips for busy people leading busy lives. Take a break and a recreate the Chinese Cucumber Salad. This unique dish wowed Marie back in 2007 during a trip to Beijing, and she has been hooked since.


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celeryandthecityCelery and the City

Brit is the sassy lady behind Celery and the City. She recently stopped writing for anyone but herself. She not only blogs about healthy eating and lifestyle but her own crazy former life and former insecurities. Now 30, and starting a new chapter newly married, she may not have it all figured out but she does eat well now. She eats mainly gluten-free and vegan-free. Easy Roasted Tomato Basil Capellini will be a delicious dinner that is almost as colorful as Brit herself.


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therealfoodkidsThe Real Food Kids

Growing up with a chef for a dad, Julie has always had an interest in food. It wasn’t until she had her own child that she became dedicated to healthy and nutrient rich real food. Her son was constantly suffering from ear infections, and having a problem with his speech. Doctors were adamant that their diet wasn’t the problem, but her mother’s intuition told her otherwise. She took a year long health class and overhauled her family’s diet. Gradually, they all enjoyed healthy eating. Julie’s recipes are kid friendly and easy. Spicy Peanut Noodles are among her children’s favorites.


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diginrealfoodDig in Real Food

Dig in Real Food is a team effort put together by five amazing women. However, Kath and Tracy were the founders. Their main goal was to show other people that eating well was simple and easily attainable. Kath may have just recently retired but this blog would not have been possible without her food skills as a chef. Tracy is a health coach with a degree in Integrative Nutrition. She wants to get people excited about healthy eating. You will get excited for your next potluck when you can serve Jalapeno Hummus. It will fool everyone and actually be good for them.


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realfoodrealfitnessReal Food Real Fitness

In addition to being a holistic health and wellness coach, Susie is also a yoga enthusiast and pilates master. She is in shape and we should all want to be like her. Her dedication is inspiring. Her blog is not only full of recipes but also contains many health tips, facts, and lifestyle tips to slowly improve your daily habits to be healthier and more productive. Yummy Warm Winter Broccoli Soup will keep you full through winter.


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eatrealfoodacademyEat Real Food Academy

Carolyn’s career has evolved into a health coach and educator. She loves to help people and show others that small changes can really make a big difference. Michelle is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who provides individualized plans for physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Eat Real Food Academy is an online course designed to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The blog also includes healthy recipes for all to try at home. Shrimp Rolls with Asparagus and Avocado is an all natural and fun dinner alternative.


Find Carolyn and Michelle on Eat Real Food Academy





trirealfoodTri Real Food

Tiana is the proud founder of TR Real Food. She is a lifetime athlete who played college soccer and is now an endurance athlete. That is impressive and admirable but her health programs for others, and amazing recipes are impressive as well. Tiana is in phenomenal shape because of the way she eats. She used her knowledge to put together a real food program. Wake up with her Omelet Breakfast Muffins to have the endurance to run a triathalon….or at least the energy to get there early to cheer on a friend.


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thebreadandbuddhaThe Bread and Buddha

Pam and Mark adorably met over a jelly doughnut. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what love is. Mark loves feeding people food and Pam loves feeding people’s souls. Hence the blog name, The Bread and Buddha. Mark grew up with foodie parents and perfects his dining skills on the weekend. Pam is a yoga teacher who brought her love of wellness into her diet. Together, they have some great natural food that will feed your soul and fix your body. Their Spanish Spiced Pork with Green Apple Cilantro is an ethnic dish made from thick and delicious tenderloin.


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realfoodloverReal Food Lover

Elisabeth knows that what she eats will determine her health. She also knows that to eat truly well, you need to cook from scratch using quality ingredients from planet-friendly farming system. She eats mainly a plant-based diet but also dairy, fish, and meat, ideally from sustainable or organic sources. A former editor of the Soil Association, the UK charity for organic food and farming, she began her award-winning blog, Real Food Lover, in 2008 to share recipes and her thoughts on healthy food. Make it the skilled way here.


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thewholefoodmamaThe Wholefood Mama

Nikki worked in restaurants through college, which fueled her love for food, and after graduation she followed her dream of writing. This blog combines the best of both worlds. Nikki isn’t vegan or paleo or vegetarian. She eats healthy, natural, real food with no restrictions. She prides herself in feeding her two sons the best way she can, but realizes that it isn’t always easy. Nikki wants her readers to not be overwhelmed, and is here to help others begin their real food journey. Miniature Salmon Patties are full of flavor, vitamins, and are a classic dish from her childhood.


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